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Italian flavors in the heart of Muranów


Italian cuisine is our passion. We wish for the smells and flavors of olive oil, wine and basil to permanently inhabit the heart of Muranów. We are very pleased our guests will have an opportunity to enjoy this Mediterranean freshness and flavor of our food.


The location of Trattoria Murano itself is not a coincidence. The foundations of our building has Italian roots - until the very end of XIX century near this very place stood a small palace designed by Simone Giuseppe Belotti. We want to take good care of this unique place by giving it an atmosphere of warmth and trust. Therefore the interior of Trattoria Murano is covered in dark, southern wood, Italian bricks and soft light from colorful, original glass lamps brought to Warsaw from the Venetian island of Murano.


Besides food, what we love most in Italian culture, is a natural openness of people and easiness in creating bonds with others. Therefore, we reveal some of our secrets to you, our guests, by leaving the kitchen open for your sight. In that way all the Trattoria Murano guests are able to watch and participate in this culinary voyage around the sun-drenched Italy. Together, we can relax and forget about the urban bustle and daily chores for a while.


Everyone is invited: businessman, families, neighbors, travelers… In Trattoria Murano every guest can unwind. After all, what’s better than delicious food, friendly atmosphere and trusted people? It leaves nothing to be desired. Arrivederci!

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